About Saudi Arabia “KSA”

    • Official name: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • Capital: Riyadh
    • Total Population: 27,136,000
      (Saudi's: 18,707,576; 68.9% ) (Non-Saudi's: 8,429,401; 31.1%)
      Riyadh Population: 5,194,230
      49.1% Females & 50.9% Males
    • Country code: +966
    • Head of State: King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud
    • Annual number of Western tourists: 95,000
      Language: Arabic
      Religion: Islam 100%
  • Why Saudi Arabia?

    The Kingdom is the easiest place to do business in the Middle East and Africa, as per the “Doing business 2010” report, issued by the World Bank. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the GCC's largest food importer with spending of more than $17 billion and making 13% of total imports in KSA. Over 27,000,000 population with 32.4% of Saudi under the age of 15 making KSA one of the best performing market. Saudi Arabia is the land of hospitality and its culture featuring Food & Beverages as a sign of generosity, therefore consuming rate keeps getting higher.